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Meet the "Charlie." Named after Loess Hills Floral owner Rhonda’s niece, this joyful round of shimmer peach roses and ombre roses packs a punch in a small package. Charlie, affectionately known as Rhonda's "mini me," has dreams of becoming a floral artist one day, just like her aunt. Dramatic and fun greenery loops encase the arrangement, bringing Charlie's fun spirit. We hope this arrangement will bring a smile to someone's day just like Charlie.

The Charlie

Two-Tone Arrangements
  • The "Charlie" can be made with a variety of rose combinations. Please select a color preference and our floral artists will do our best to match the selection with the freshest blooms available. If a custom color selection is required beyond the choices listed here, please call to confirm the availability of your desired choice.


Our florists use the freshest flowers currently available in their market. Therefore, your design may vary from the inspiration photo on this product listing. If substitutions are required, our designers will strive to achieve the overall style and color palette as pictured. If any design elements are important to your order, please contact Loess Hills Floral with those requests.

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