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Campanula is one of several genera in the family Campanulaceae with the common name bellflower. It takes both its common and its scientific name from its bell-shaped flowers—campanula is Latin for “little bell”. The genus includes over 500 species and several subspecies, distributed across the temperate regions of the Northern Hemisphere, with the highest diversity…

Baby’s Breath

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Baby’s Breath Gypsophila Baby’s Breath Gypsophila are annual and perennial herbs often growing from a thick taproot or a branching caudex, sometimes with rhizomes. The stems are usually erect and branching or sprawling, or in a few species prostrate along the ground. The leaves are variable in shape. The inflorescence is usually a cyme or a thyrse, branching intricately. Each small flower has a cup-like calyx of white-edged green sepals containing…

Spring Bulb Flowers-Care and Handling Tips

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Spring Bulb Flowers-Care and Handling Tips for Splendid Long Lasting Blooms Proper care of these lovely blossoms will ensure that they last beautifully in fabulous spring floral designs. Daffodils are the first to pop up in the spring months. These flowers are part of the narcissus family and come in a verity of colors including…

How to make your lilies last longer

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How to make your lilies last longer                 By removing the stamens you stop pollen production (and nose staining). The flower’s purpose is to attract a pollinator, facilitate seed production and then fade away when the mission is accomplished.  By plucking the stamens off of lilies, you circumvent…


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Genus: Rhododendron An Azalea bush, is a popular flowering bush and foundation plant, with bright spring blooms. Azaleas bushes are members of the Rhododendron family. The biggest difference between the Rhododendron plant and an Azalea plant, is the Azalea is a deciduous bush. It sheds its leaves in the fall. The Rhododendron plant is an evergreen….

March 10th is Middle Name Pride Day

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Middle Name Pride Day Always March 10th Middle Name Pride Day honors the seldom used middle name that often sets you apart from others. It was selected with care, so you should be proud of it. Here’s two big reasons to be proud of your middle name: First, there are plenty of John Smiths and…

Employee Appreciation Day

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Employee Appreciation Day   When : First Friday in March   If the boss can get a Bosses Day, then it’s only fair and appropriate that you, the employee, gets a day in your honor. Employee Appreciation Day honors employees everywhere. Celebrations today should be created and executed by your company. Recognitions vary widely, and…

Penstemon Gloxiniodes

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The flower of the day….Penstemon Gloxiniodes People love Penstemon. And, so do hummingbirds. Do you suppose that gardener’s and homeowners alike, love these trumpet shaped flowers because they attract hummingbirds!? Native to hills and mountain regions of California, there are a couple hundred species of Penstemon plants. Penstemon is a highly attractive and popular flowering…

Floral Design Day Feb 28th

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Floral Design Day Floral Design Day is the perfect day to appreciate and create floral arrangements. Flowers are loved by all, especially the ladies. It seems only fitting that we have a day set aside to appreciate the creativity and artistic quality of flower arrangements.         The perfect activities for today include:…


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Flowers of the Day  (Feb 27 ) is Freesia Freesia is a genus of around 16 species of flowering plants in the family Iridaceae, native to the eastern side of southern Africa, from Kenya down to South Africa]most species being found Cape Province Species of the former genus Anomatheca are now included in Freesiathe plants commonly known as “freesias”, with fragrant funnel-shaped flowers, are cultivated hybrids of…